what is dualism in christianity

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Dualism in Christianity indicates thatGod and his creation are different but interrelated while sharing an indivisible bond. For instance, we could also talk about the Christian dualism and what they propose when they talk about two distinct entities such as good and evil (and how they are not compatible).

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  • Is the religious dualism of Christianity perfect dualism?

  • The religious dualism of Christianity is not a perfect dualism as God (good) will inevitably destroy Satan (evil). Early Christian Dualism is largely based on Platonic Dualism (See: Neoplatonism and Christianity ). There is also a personal dualism in Christianity with a soul-body distinction based on the idea of an immaterial Christian Soul.

  • Why is dualism aversion to Christian culture?

  • This duality gets to the heart of dualism鈥檚 aversion to Christian culture. Man is made for a vertical relationship with God, and this relationship is a heart matter. Most Christians realize that the Bible places great emphasis on man鈥檚 heart. Some believe this term is a synonym for emotion, but this belief is false.

  • What is the origin of dualism in Greek mythology?

  • Analogous dualistic concepts may be found in the early Greek Theogony of Hesiod in his myths of the gods Uranus, Cronus, and Zeus and the conflict between primordial and later gods. It was in the later, Classical Greek world, however, that dualism was most evident.

  • What is dualism in Gnosticism?

  • In gnosticism, a Hellenistic religious movement that entered original Christianity from earlier pagan sources and that viewed matter as evil and spirit as good, dualism manifested itself in a more dramatic way.