what is election in christianity

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  • What does the Bible say about the elect?

  • Thus in biblical passages mentioning/alluding to God’s election, the elect refers to an undefined group of elect people in Christ, not specifically chosen individuals. For example, You did not choose Me but I chose you (plural) …

  • Is it true that God chooses the elect of God?

  • The same goes for God and those who will be saved; God chooses those who will be saved. These are the elect of God. As it stands, the concept of God electing those who will be saved isn’t controversial.

  • Is the Gospel that God votes for our salvation?

  • Is the gospel that God votes for our salvation, Satan votes against it, and we—individually, freely—cast the vote that decides our eternal destiny? Probably not. Some biblical scholars and theologians would say, Definitely not! It does seem to trivialize the concept of election and especially God’s sovereignty in our salvation.

  • What does the word selection mean in the Bible?

  • a selection such as to be at once a mysterious thing, transcending human analysis of its motives (so eminently in Romans 9:11 ), and such as to be knowable by its objects, who are (2 Pet) exhorted to make it sure, certain, a fact to consciousness.