what is metaphysical christianity

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The Flexers teach what is termed Metaphysical Christianity. Metaphysical Christianity attempts to combine religion,science,and philosophy,and members live out of the spiritual truths revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus. It studies to discern the laws of nature and tries to conform to them.

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  • What is the Church of metaphysical Christianity?

  • The Church of Metaphysical Christianity is a small Florida -based Spiritualist church founded in 1958 by Rev. Dorothy Graff Flexer and Russell J. Flexer, who were earlier associated with the Spiritualist Episcopal Church.

  • Is metaphysics the same as religion?

  • Metaphysics is also becoming a religion as it also takes those same messages and honors them as well as honoring other messages that are still coming through. Metaphysics as a religion is the worship of something great than the physical, a higher power. That’s the same thing as religion.

  • Is there such a thing as 鈥渕etaphysics鈥?in China?

  • Isolating metaphysical inquiry from practices of self-cultivation, for example, would have struck almost any Chinese philosopher as odd, if not dangerous. There is no native Chinese term marking the same boundaries as 鈥渕etaphysics鈥?in European philosophy.

  • Does the Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy have a philosophy of metaphysics?

  • The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy itself seems ambivalent. There is this entry, but instead of a corresponding entry for 鈥淢etaphysics in European Philosophy鈥?there is an entry for 鈥?Metaphysics 鈥? that draws exclusively on European traditions.