what is russian orthodox christianity

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Russian Orthodoxy reflects both its Orthodox heritage and the culture of its native land. While a self-governing (or autocephalous) body,the Russian Orthodox Church does follow the fundamentals of Orthodox theology. Among the most important components are a belief in the Holy Trinity.

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  • What is the Russian Orthodox religion?

  • Russian Orthodox Religion. The Russian Orthodox Religion also known as The Moscow Patriarchate since (1943) and known as the Orthodox Christian Church of Russia prior to that. It is considered as another Eastern Orthodox Church aligned with the Roman Catholic Church. The church that became the Russian Orthodox Religion was believed…

  • Who is the head of the Russian Orthodox Church?

  • The Russian Orthodox Church is a self-governing body of the Orthodox faith, in full communion with other autocephalous churches. Since 1322, albeit with some interruptions, the church has been headed by the Patriarch of Moscow, currently Kirill I.

  • What is the Orthodox Church?

  • Orthodox churches, including the Eastern, Oriental, Celtic, Polish, and other types of Orthodoxy, claim to adhere to the Christian faith as it was practiced by the early church.

  • What does the Russian Orthodox Church teach about salvation?

  • The Russian Orthodox Church promotes the use of icons (sacred images) and teaches that salvation is conferred through the observance of the sacraments 鈥攖he doctrine of salvation by grace through faith alone is not taught in Russian Orthodoxy. Members of the Russian Orthodox Church regard the decisions of their church councils to be infallible.