what is sex in christianity

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  • Which is the primary purpose of sex in Christianity?

  • Some Christian traditions such as Roman Catholicism continue to teach that procreation is the primary purpose for sex and marriage, and so oppose the use of contraception.

  • Is there such thing as a Christian sex therapy?

  • There are Christian charities offering sexual therapy and counselling, and churches hosting ‘anonymous’ groups for those who live with sexual addiction. Artistic depictions of sex pre-date the Christian era, with many explicit Greek and Roman artworks surviving.

  • Why is Christian sex considered to be disordered?

  • From that first principle of maintaining the unitive and procreative aspects of sexuality, we can easily see the reasons why Christian sex names some behaviors as being objectively disordered: Sex outside of marriage refuses real unity by refusing to give yourself totally to the other.

  • Is it sinful for Christians to have sex outside of marriage?

  • Christians are generally in agreement that abusive or non-consensual sex is sinful, uniting in condemning rape outside of marriage; and although there have been historic differences of opinion as to whether a married person has a right to withhold sex, rape within marriage is now widely recognised and condemned.