what is the denomination of christianity

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A denomination in Christianity isa religious organization (an association or fellowship) that unites local congregations in a single, legal and administrative body. Members of a denominational family share the same beliefs or creed, participate in similar worship practices and cooperate together to develop and preserve shared enterprises.

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  • What are the different types of Christian denominations?

  • Although there are thousands of Christian denominations and sects, we can boil down all of this bewildering diversity to five basic categories: Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Liberal Protestant, Evangelical Protestant, and Other. Let鈥檚 look briefly at each of these five categories.

  • What is the largest denomination of Christianity?

  • Catholics make up the biggest percentage of Christians. Within this denomination, there are approximately 1,285,000,000 people. Protestants are Christians who branched away from the Roman Catholic Church during the times of the Reformation.

  • Is the Catholic Church a denominational church?

  • The Catholic Church considers itself to be a pre-denominational church. That is, it considers itself to belong to no domination since it precedes all other denominations. Within it, there are 24 autonomous Latin Churches and another 23 Eastern Catholic Churches. Catholics make up the biggest percentage of Christians.

  • What is the difference between the Catholic and Protestant denominations?

  • While the Roman Catholic Church looks to a single earthly leader, the Pope, and has similar beliefs right across the world, the several Protestant denominations do not look to a single leader and sometimes have beliefs that are very different from each other.