what is the gift of prophecy in christianity

what is the gift of prophecy in christianity插图

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The gift of prophecy is aspecial ability to speak forth the message of God. A prophet is basically a spokesman for God. He or she delivers the Word of God to people by means of direct revelation. Prophetic utterances can deal with certain individuals, the church, or a larger context.

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  • What does it mean to have the gift of prophecy?

  • Those with the gift of prophecy never spoke for themselves or their own words, but always spoke the words or teachings of God.

  • What is the meaning of the word prophecy in the Bible?

  • The Greek word translated 鈥減rophesying鈥?or 鈥減rophecy鈥?in both passages properly means to 鈥渟peak forth鈥?or declare the divine will, to interpret the purposes of God, or to make known in any way the truth of God which is designed to influence people.

  • What are the spiritual gifts of a prophet?

  • The prophet often displays the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits; he is able to discern true motives as the Holy Spirit gives him divine insights. As a general rule, the prophet is more interested in whether or not the heart is pure than whether or not the activity in question is acceptable.

  • What is a Christian’s motivational spiritual gift?

  • A Christian鈥檚 motivational spiritual gift represents what God does in him to shape his perspective on life and motivate his words and actions. Romans 12:3鈥? describes 鈥渂asic motivations,鈥?which are characterized by inherent qualities or abilities within a believer鈥攖he Creator鈥檚 unique workmanship in him or her.