what is the goal of christianity

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  • What is the purpose of being a Christian?

  • Christian purpose is the transformation into Christ likeness. Christ likeness is to Love God and Love others. Whilst on the surface this sounds simplistic; Scripture is required to re-educate the hardened heart that has become flesh through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

  • What is my purpose on Earth as a Christian?

  • Another purpose of Christian discipleship is to learn about the Father. In Christ’s three-year public ministry on earth, He often stated that His goal was to teach His disciples about His Father. Christ wanted us to know that God is alive, real, sovereign, loving, and is preparing a place for His believers in…

  • What are the goals of a Christian?

  • Here are three goals of the Christian life: 1. Salvation. It is God’s will and desire that all people are saved (Acts 17:30). The first goal is salvation and baptism. This first goal is where many lost people and believers get stuck. Lost people are never saved and some believers are saved, but never grow.

  • What is the objective of Christianity?

  • Christianity is objective, religion is subjective. The understanding of these two words gives the believer the victory in every day living that God intended. Objective Christianity means the believer can do nothing, within himself, to save himself or to stay saved, Eph. 2:8-9.