what is the meaning of suffering in christianity

what is the meaning of suffering in christianity插图

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Suffering is a tool God uses to get our attention and to accomplish His purposesin our lives. It is designed to build our trust in the Almighty, but suffering requires the right response if it is to be successful in accomplishing God鈥檚 purposes. Suffering forces us to turn from trust in our own resources to living by faith in God鈥檚 resources.

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  • What is the theology of suffering?

  • Theology of suffering is the study of what the Bible says about suffering while considering who God is and the current state of humanity. Many different cultures have their own interpretations of why people suffer. For Christians, it is important to have a Biblical view of why God allows suffering and how we are to go through it.

  • Is suffering random in the Christian life?

  • Suffering in the Christian life is not random or arbitrary, but our suffering is given greater meaning when we remember that Jesus also suffered. Renike quotes author Rankin Wilbourne who says that 鈥淲e are united to the One whose whole life was perpetual crucifixion.鈥?/div>Is There Purpose to Suffering in the Christian Life …

  • What does the Bible say about suffering?

  • 1. Suffering Has Many Faces Christians can experience 鈥渕any troubles鈥濃€攎ental, physical, emotional or spiritual suffering ( Psalm 34:19 ). All Christians have or will suffer ( John 16:33; Acts 14:22 ). The Apostle Paul experienced various faces of suffering ( 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 ). Suffering can come because of foolish choices.

  • What should Christians do when they suffer?

  • When Christians suffer, people are watching, and Christians鈥?intent in times of suffering should be to honor God. Paul said when we share Christ鈥檚 sufferings, we can rejoice when His glory is revealed (1 Peter 4:12-13).