what is the similarity between buddhism and christianity

what is the similarity between buddhism and christianity插图

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Similarities Between Buddhism and ChristianityFounded by a spiritual Master who accepted disciples.Taught through the use of simple parables.Both Jesus Christ and the Buddha sought to reform existing social/religious practises which had denigrated into ritualistic forms with no spiritual meaning. …Both were egalitarians. …Shared values. …More items…

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  • How does Christianity compare to Buddhism?

  • Christianity is an offshoot Judaism whereas Buddhism is an offshoot of Hinduism. Christianity is a Abrahamic religion and Buddhism is a Dharmic religion. There is no god in Buddhism anything like Jesus Christ. Buddha is seen more as a really great person that once lived that reached a higher level of consciousness.

  • How to decide between Christianity and Buddhism?

  • Christians believe that there is a God, whereas Buddhism has no god. The Buddha pointed the way, whereas Jesus said that he was the way. Christianity promises believers eternal life. Buddhism’s highest state, the state of enlightenment, is freedom from being reborn.

  • Is Buddhism a religion like Islam or Christianity?

  • The universal world religions of Christianity, Islam , and Buddhism have similarities within their general beliefs and how they were spread; however, the core tenants of faith of the religions were distinct and unique to the faith. The universal world religions had some similar beliefs and practices within the religion.

  • Does Buddhism have saints like Christianity?

  • Every Buddhist tradition has its saints, though they aren’t canonized in any official way as they are in Catholicism. Basically, people who are considered saints in Buddhism are sages who became fully enlightened and are renowned for their holiness and compassion.