what islam teaches about christianity

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  • What does Islam really believe about Christianity?

  • A clue to what Islam really believes about Christianity can be found by examining Islam’s holy book, the Qu’ran. In the Qu’ran, Christians are often referred to as among the People of the Book, meaning the people who have received and believed in revelations from God’s prophets.

  • What does the Qur’an teach about faith?

  • The Qur’an teaches that Islam is the continued faithful religion in the same line as the Prophets who were before Muhammad: The same religion has He established for you as that which He enjoined on Noah … and that which We enjoined on Abraham, Moses, and Jesus(42:13 AYA).

  • What does the Qu’ran say about Christians and Muslims?

  • The Qu’ran contains verses that highlight the commonalities between Christians and Muslims but contains other verses warning Christians against sliding toward polytheism due to their worship of Jesus Christ as God.

  • Why is Jesus Christ important to two religions?

  • Two world faiths hold him in high regard. Islam holds him to be God鈥檚 Messiah, Prophet, and Righteous Servant. Christianity holds him to be all of the above and even more. Some Christians believe that Jesus is God the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. Some believe that he is the Son of God.