what makes christianity unique

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The first thing that makes Christianity unique is that it really is all about Jesus. Jesus himself made the claim he was the only way (John 14:6). The original founder of our faith, the one we follow as believers and followers of Jesus, said himself he was the only way.

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  • What’s so unique about Christianity?

  • While Christianity shares some spiritual ideas with other religions, several of its claims are unique. First and foremost, the Christian faith is based on the literal, physical resurrection of its founder, Jesus Christ.

  • What are some unique qualities of Christianity?

  • As the Christian appreciates the power of the Holy Spirit in his life more and more, he naturally becomes stronger and stronger by the same Spirit. The Christian can endure trials, discomfort, good report and evil report. This he does as he is confident that he serves a faithful Master.

  • Is there anything unique about Christianity?

  • Christianity is also unique because it presents God as taking the initiative and reaching down to humans. Other religions are of human origin and represent the attempt of humanity to reach up to God. Christianity has its origins with God. Other religions have their origin in humans.

  • What are some unique things about Christianity?

  • 25 Interesting Facts about Christianity Christianity is the world’s largest religion. … There are three main branches of Christianity. … Christianity has 10 commandments. … Sunday is the holy day. … Easter is one of the main holidays. … There is no original Bible dating back to Jesus. … Approximately 100 million bibles are sold every year. … Christianity is one of three Abrahamic religions. … More items…