what percentage of christians are catholic

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  • What country has the most number of Catholics?

  • The two countries with the highest percentage of Catholics in the general population are: Andorra, where 99.7 percent of the population is Catholic; and Equatorial Guinea, which reported 97.2 percent of its population is Catholic. Vatican City State is not included in the survey.

  • What percentage of the US population is Catholic?

  • At roughly 22% of the population of the United States, Catholicism is the largest religious denomination in the country with approximately 77.4 million members as of 2017. After Brazil, Mexico, and the Philippines, the US comprises of the world’s fourth-largest Catholic population.

  • What percentage of the world population is Christian?

  • Nearly one-third or 31.2% of the world’s population is considered to be Christian. The term Christian encompasses a broad range of denominations, with Roman Catholicism comprising the largest group made up of around 1.3 billion adherents. Protestants, Evangelicals, Orthodox, Anglicans, and many other sub-denominations are included in the count.

  • What is the population of Christians?

  • Of the approximate 2 billion Christians in the world today, 279 million (12.8% of the world’s Christian population) identify themselves as Pentecostals, 304 million (14%) are Charismatics, and 285 million (13.1%) are Evangelicals or Bible-believing Christians.