what role did christianity play in the roman empire

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The Christian religion spread so rapidly that soon it became the legal or official religion of the Roman Empire. This elevation of Christianity was really surprising. The emperor,in collaboration with the church,exercised supreme authorityand this helped the latter to be involved in active politics.

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  • What was the role of Christianity in the fall of Rome?

  • Role of Christianityin the Fallof the RomanEmpire. The first important factor that contributedto the downfall of the RomanEmpireis the introduction of Christianity. As the RomanEmpiregot bigger,new lands and people were taken into it,the conquered people added their Gods or religions to the RomanPantheon.

  • Was Christianity a religion in the Roman Empire?

  • Christianity was well-established as a major religion in the Roman Empire Judaism had received the status of a legal religion in the Roman Empire with formal protections. Although Christianity developed out of Jewish traditions, it had no such legal protections.

  • How did Constantine help spread Christianity in the Roman Empire?

  • In the Edict of Milan, issued in 313 CE, Constantine gave religious freedom to all religions in the empire, including Christianity. Constantine became a strong supporter of the faith, eventually converting and becoming a Christian himself. He went on to commission the building of the first Christian church in his capital, Constantinople.

  • How did Christianity rise to power in the Middle Ages?

  • This ascendency of Christianity was accelerated by Roman philosophy, institutions and, above all, by the Roman emperors, particularly Constantine. The establishment of Christian religion and Christian church in a unified form became so important that it began to control the medieval political thought.