what type of diffusion is christianity

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  • How does Christianity differ from other religions?

  • Christianity differs from other Abrahamic religions in that it focuses on the teachings of Jesus, and on his place as the prophesied Christ. It also includes a belief in the New Covenant. According to most Christian traditions, Christian faith requires a belief in Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, which he states is the plan of God the Father.

  • Why did Christianity spread?

  • Probably the greatest reason for the spread of Christianity was its appeal to the masses. Most of the early Christian converts were originally Gentiles, not reformed Jews. Though Christianity began as a small sect of Judaism, it wasn’t until Gentiles were allowed to convert that Christianity became so widespread.

  • What are the different religions of Christianity?

  • Syncretic Orthodoxy Church of God and Saints of Christ (Orthodox Christianity) Evangelical Orthodox Church Communion of Western Orthodox Churches Celtic Orthodox Church French Orthodox Church Orthodox Church of the Gauls Antiochian Catholic Church in America Orthodox-Catholic Church of America

  • When did Christianity become a religion?

  • 380 CE Christianity becomes the official religion of the Roman Empire through the Edict of Thessalonica As Rome continued to decline in the 5th century C.E., Christianity began taking hold in the outer regions of the empire. Missionaries helped spread the religion as a church simply known as catholic began to take shape.