what was christianity like before constantine

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  • Why did Constantine chose to embrace Christianity?

  • Yet, one must also consider ulterior motives for Constantine’s conversion. He chose to embrace Christianity shortly before a large battle against another Roman ruler for total control over the Western Roman Empire. With the stakes so high it is conceivable that Constantine converted in hopes that the Christian God would aid him in battle .

  • Did Constantine really believe in Christianity?

  • Constantine created an inconsistency in the Christian religion because he spread a religion in which he did not truly believe in . In fact, Constantine was not baptized until he was on his deathbed, which was about 25 years after he began to promote the spread of Christianity through the Roman Empire.

  • Was Constantine good or bad for Christianity?

  • * Constantine is considered to be both beneficial and detrimental to the Christian religion. Because of his ability to spread the religion in a fast way to more people then imaginable many Christians praise his work. He was able to spread the acceptance of the church and more importantly the word of God.

  • What did Constantine believe about Christianity?

  • Many historians also believe that Constantine’s acceptance of Christianity was rooted in his hatred for the Jewish People. He used his negativity of Judaism as a way to promote his new laws. Many of his new laws had Christian Characteristics. He believed that these new laws would help him to dominate his people.