when did christianity and judaism split

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  • How did Christianity and Judaism split?

  • Christianity and Judaism, two of the world鈥檚 major religions, shared the same foundation鈥攁ncient Judaism. The two religions, however, eventually split in a series of partings, becoming two separate entities. There is one painting that dramatically illustrates the split of early Christianity and Judaism: Robert Campin鈥檚 Marriage of the Virgin.

  • How old are the roots of the Jewish religion?

  • We can say that the 鈥榬oots鈥?of the Jewish religion, the earliest parts of the Bible, are three or four thousand years old. 鈥楬ow did Judaism and Christianity split up?鈥?tells the traditional Christian and Jewish stories as to why the two separated, considers where they came from, and examines how they subsequently defined themselves.

  • Did Christianity exist before Judaism?

  • The traditional view has been that Judaism existed before Christianity and that Christianity separated from Judaism some time after the destruction of the Second Temple.

  • How did Jewish law and law extend to early Christianity?

  • In the free eBook Paul: Jewish Law and Early Christianity, learn about the cultural contexts for the theology of Paul and how Jewish traditions and law extended into early Christianity through Paul鈥檚 dual roles as a Christian missionary and a Pharisee. Campin, also known as the Master of Flmalle, painted the Marriage of the Virgin around 1420.