when did christianity come to england

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In the 1st Century AD, Britain had its own set of religious icons: Pagan gods of the earth and Roman gods of the sky. Into this superstitious and violent world came a modern, fashionable cult from the east: Christianity. We tend to associate the arrival of Christianity in Britain with the mission of Augustine in 597 AD.

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  • When did the Romans bring Christianity to England?

  • Christianity was introduced to England when the Romans arrived and its history dates back to about the 200’s and 300’s of our Common Era (CE). When the Romans retreated from England, they left behind them a Christian culture, which was revived somewhat when missionaries arrived in the country from Scotland and Europe.

  • Who brought Christianity to Britain?

  • BY DAVID ROSS, EDITOR. By the time St. Augustine officially brought Christianity to the British Isles in 597 at the behest of Pope Gregory the Great, there was already a well established Christian presence in Wales. In addition, Irish monks such as Aidan, had already brought the Christian message to Scotland and Northumbria.

  • When was the first Christian church in England?

  • The Church of England was established by Henry VIII in 1534, over a row with the Pope about his divorce from his first wife Catherine of Aragon. Henry wanted the Pope to grant him an annulment, on the grounds that the marriage was illegal and incestuous because Catherine was the widow of his dead brother Arthur.