when did christianity start in rome

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  • What is the history of Christianity in the Roman Empire?

  • History of Christianity in Rome. The Bible includes an epistle written by the Apostle Paul to the Christians in Rome. The book of Acts records that Paul, though Jewish, was a Roman citizen by birth. When the Jews accused Paul of bringing Gentiles into their synagogue, Paul made an appeal for Caesar to hear his case.

  • Who spread Christianity to Rome?

  • The message of Christianity was spread around the Roman Empire by St. Paulwho founded Christian churches in Asia Minor and Greece. Eventually,he took his teachings to Rome itself.

  • What were the origins of the church at Rome?

  • The Origins of the Church at Rome. Introduction. When Paul wrote his letter to Christians at Rome towards the end of his third missionary journey, he was communicating with what appears to be a firmly established collection of believers in that city.

  • How did the Romans view religion?

  • The Romans viewed religion as very important, though they banned Christianity and punished Christians for a long time. Christians were at first targeted for persecution by Nero in 64 AD – some were killed and eaten by dogs and others set on fire.