when does the christiana mall close

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CLOSING HOURS OF CHRISTIANA MALL: The closing hours of Christiana mall are not the same as the opening hours are. The malls close at7 pm from Monday to Thursday, at 8 pm on Friday and Saturday, and finally, on Sunday, the malls get closed a bit earlier than on other days at 6 pm. IS CHRITIANIS MALL STORES OPEN TODAY?

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  • Is the Christiana Mall open on Christmas Day?

  • Christiana Mall stores and restaurants are generally open on: The majority of Christiana Mall stores are closed on Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving Day. Stores close early on Christmas Eve and on New Year鈥檚 Eve.

  • Where is Christa mall located?

  • Christiana Mall is located in Newark, Delaware and offers 165 stores – Scroll down for Christiana Mall shopping information: store list (directory), locations, mall hours, contact and address.

  • How big is the Christiana Mall in Delaware?

  • It has 1,267,241 square feet of gross leasable area on one level. Christiana Mall is the largest shopping mall in the state of Delaware and the largest in the five states without sales tax outside of Oregon. The Christiana Mall is located nearly 40 miles from Center City, Philadelphia.

  • Is christchristiana mall worth the drive?

  • Christiana Mall is a tax free mall because it’s in Delaware. We love shopping there. It’s worth to drive to shop there if you plan to buy expensive stuffs to avoid taxes. The food area is always busy doesn’t matter what day is it. Would recommend it if you leave around it for a tax free shopping.