which branch of christianity am i

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  • Why are so many different denominations?

  • One reason for the existence of so many denominations is disparity in personality, passions, and talents. Consider individuals for a moment. Some people connect with God best through the exercise of their minds or while in nature. Others experience spirituality through creative or artistic expression.

  • Why are there so many Christian denominations?

  • Why Do So Many Christian Denominations Exist?Not Everyone Connects With God in The Same Way. We must remember that not everyone connects with God in the same way. …Varying Personal Preferences. In addition to the many unique ways that we connect with God, we also have our own personal preferences regarding how things are done within the church.Differences in Doctrinal Beliefs. …

  • What is the largest Christian denomination?

  • The world’s largest Christian denomination is the Roman Catholic Church, which in 2011 had approximately 1.1 billion members.

  • Which Christian denomination is true?

  • Catholicism. The original denomination; without Catholicism the others wouldn’t exist. The original and still the best. Catholicism was set by Christ and carried on by Peter and the apostles and their successors.