which is older christianity or islam

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  • Is Christianity one of the younger religions?

  • As religions go, then, Christianity (at only 2000 years of age) is one of the younger ones. And Islam is even younger still (by about 600 years). Although Muslims point out that the Arabic term islam merely means 鈥渟ubmission鈥?to the will of God, and further holds that Adam, Noah, Abraham,…

  • Which is the oldest religion in the world?

  • Out of all four – the oldest of main religions is Hinduism. It was recorded in origins in Dravidianism. It was practiced around 6000 to 3000 BC, predates Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonians cultures. Islam is next largest religion after Hinduism, in the world with 1.2 billion believers that are 20 percent of world’s population.

  • How old is Christianity compared to Judaism?

  • It was His resurrection that forever separated Christianity from Judaism. As such, Christianity would be just under 2,000 years old. The older religions are, the harder they tend to be to accurately date. As Judaism lacks a single founder as is found in Christianity and Islam, Judaism has to be dated through other means.

  • What is the difference between Islam and Christianity?

  • Yes, Islam means peace through subission to one God. It is not named after someone or something. Whereas Christianity is named after Jesus Christ (peace be upon him). Look: Christ ianity and Christ ian . Did Jesus obey Gods commands? Yes Did Jesus worship God? Yes