who are the early christians

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The early Christian communities were made up of all sorts of people,without any class or other kind of distinction. From Apostolic times,the Church was open to Jews and Gentiles,rich and poor,free men and slaves. Nevertheless it is true that most Christians were people of humble condition.

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  • What is early Christianity?

  • Christian-History.org does not receive any personally identifiable information from the search bar below. Early Christianity is easily the most important and exciting area of Christian history. The Church was young, on fire for God, and confident they would change the world.

  • Were the early Church Fathers of Christianity perfect?

  • None were perfect, some are well known, others are lost to history. Though the early church fathers helped formulate theology which most Christians would agree with today, some also had ideas that would be considered foreign or even incorrect today.

  • What are the characteristics of the early church?

  • Christians formed local communities 鈥?churches 鈥?under the pastoral authority of a bishop. The bishop of Rome 鈥?the successor of the Apostle Peter 鈥?exercised a primacy over all the churches. The Eucharist was the center of Christian life. The rejection of Gnosticism was the major doctrinal achievement of the early Church.

  • Was there more diversity in the early stages of Christianity?

  • There were others who we meet again in the Book of Acts, who apparently stood in continuity with the activity of John the Baptist and did not know the baptism that the Pauline Christians, at least, knew. So there was much more diversity in the early stages of the Christian movement than the Book of Acts suggest….