who brought christianity to america

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  • What was the origin of Christianity in America?

  • Christian Origins in America. American Christianity seems to flow like the tides in a cycle of highs and lows with change in between the waves. The main original churches in America were parish churches from England such as the Congregational and Episcopalian churches.

  • What was the mission of Christianity in North America?

  • So far did the ideology of mission extend in North America that, even in the case of those reared ostensibly as Christians, the mission to convert became in many instances a major concern. Aims for the conversion of indigenous North American peoples figured large in the rhetoric of the colonizing nations.

  • What kind of power does Christianity have in America?

  • American Christianity has historically had vast institutional, political and social power. Power-hungry Christians view their faith as a battle, a series of wins and losses.

  • How did Christianity spread in the New World?

  • At its height, the system of missions established by Serra attracted over 21,000 Indians, who settled around the missions, Christianized and living according to Spanish order in farm communities. If the Spanish arrived in the New World as conquistadores, the French came, especially, as fur traders.