who did christianity appeal to

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  • Why did Christianity appeal to so many Romans?

  • Actual Romans might have said they preferred Christianity because God spoke to their hearts and told them it was true. Historians have to be more cynical and look for worldly causes for religious belief. One reason that Romans might have liked Christianity is because its god cared about people.

  • Why did so many people like the idea of Christianity?

  • Historians believe that this would have made many people like the idea of Christianity because it gave them hope that god cared about them regardless of their status and that they, the “meek” would one day inherit the earth. Historians suggest all of these as reasons why people in Roman times might have been attracted to Christianity.

  • Why did Christianity triumph in the Roman world?

  • Now traditionally at least the answer to that question of why did Christianity triumph in the Roman world was answered very simply. It was God’s will, of course, but I think we can probably find some other answers as well. Sometimes it’s been suggested that Christianity appealed to a kind of higher moral plane.

  • Where did Christianity spread in the Roman Empire?

  • The Roman Empire was where Christianity spread from Judea (which was a part of the Roman province of Syria). Both Catholic and Orthodox Christianity developed in the Roman Empire. Originally the were called Latin or Western Christianity and Greek or Eastern Christianity respectively.