who made christianity the official religion of norway

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This church bell with runes from about the year 1200 originates from the old stave church in motsdal in Telemark, Eastern Norway. (Photo: National Museum of Denmark/ Wikimedia Commons) The year is 1023 and Christianity is introduced as the official state religion of Norway by Olav the Holy.

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  • When did Christianity make its way to Norway?

  • Christianity made its way to Norway in the early 8th century. Vikings, who had been converted to Catholicism during their travels, brought their new religion home when they returned. In addition to converted Vikings, monks and kings were also incredibly influential when it came to bringing Christianity to Norway.

  • What kind of religion did the Norwegians have?

  • Before the 9th century, the early Norwegians practiced the Norse religion. Polytheistic and full of dramatic stories of conflicts and wars between the gods, Norse mythology was a fascinating world view that still captures peoples’ imaginations today.

  • Which is the most famous church in Norway?

  • One of the most famous of these sites is the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, which was built around St. Olav’s tomb. In Harstad, visitors can tour the Trondenes Church, the northernmost stone church in all of Norway.

  • When did Norway break away from the Catholic Church?

  • In the 1500s, Norway, like much of Europe, broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. This shift came when the royal family converted to Lutheranism, and the country followed suite. Although the state church wasn’t officially established for nearly another century, this shift to Protestantism was the first glimpse of the modern Church of Norway.