who sought to convert china to christianity

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  • Why was Yun considered a future Christian leader?

  • Yun, like many future Christian leaders, regarded Christianity as a new energy for national revival.

  • Where did Christianity expand after World War 2?

  • Following World War II, there has been an astonishing expansion of Christianity in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. China, with only a million Christians in 1949, today has somewhere between 50 and 100 million Christians, and about 10,000 new converts every day.

  • How did Christianity take hold in South Korea?

  • Three hundred years later, Christians make up more than a quarter of South Koreans and the country is responsible for one of the world’s largest missionary movements. What first caused Christianity to take hold in Korea? The spread of Christianity in China in the late 1700s made an impression on the Korean elite.

  • Who was the first Christian to be baptized in Korea?

  • Among those open to such reforms was aristocrat Yi Seung-hun, who was baptized by a French Jesuit in a Beijing Catholic church in 1784. Upon his return to Korea, Yi baptized several fellow scholars and together they formed the first Christian community in Korea.