who was the first roman emperor to persecute christians

who was the first roman emperor to persecute christians插图

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  • Which Roman Emperor persecuteed Christians the most?

  • Nero was the first emperor to persecute them. Subsequent emperors also dealt harshly with Christians off and on for the next couple centuries. The persecutions reached their most intense under Emperor Diocletian. In 260, the first laws were passed guaranteeing the rights of Christians within the empire.

  • What was the first massive persecution for all?

  • In that summer of 64 AD, a fire broke out and consumed properties and lives for six days and five nights. Due to the threat the religion initially posed, Emperor Nero declared the Christians responsible for the colossal fire. It was the first massive persecution for all.

  • What persecution did Valerianus of Rome face?

  • There was other persecution under the reign of Valerianus, in 257, in order to steal the riches and wealth of Christians, and also the Church riches and properties. The rule of this emperor only lasted a year, and his son, Galilenus, came to the throne.

  • What if Christianity never was persecuted and challenged?

  • In the 3 rd century, the Christians spread outside the Empire. The precepts of the new religion: kindness, faith, humility, spiritual wealth, generosity and sacrifice, slowly won the hearts and minds of the population. But perhaps this would never have happened if Christianity wouldn鈥檛 have been so challenged and persecuted.