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  • Who was the real father of Christianity?

  • God the Father is the first Person of the Trinity, which also includes his Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit . Christians believe there is one God who exists in three Persons. This mystery of the faith cannot be fully understood by the human mind but is a key doctrine of Christianity.

  • Who are some founding leaders of Christianity?

  • The Founding Fathers (AD 1 – 100)Jesus Christ (AD 1-33)Paul the apostle (AD 5 – 64 or 67)John the apostle (AD 6 – 100)Peter (AD 1 – 64 or 68)

  • Who was known as the founder of Christianity?

  • Just whether nor not Jesus was an actual, historical figure is the subject of much scholarly debate. St. Paul , who was the real founder of the religion known as Christianity, barely discussed Jesus as a person, and made no references to his family (Ibid., 119; emphasis added). Let us give brief analysis to these statements.

  • Who were the first followers of Christianity?

  • The earliest followers of Jesus were apocalyptic Jewish Christians. The early Christian groups were strictly Jewish, such as the Ebionites and the early Christian community in Jerusalem, led by James, the brother of Jesus.