why are there different beliefs about miracles in christianity

why are there different beliefs about miracles in christianity插图

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  • Why are there so many miracles in Christianity?

  • Miracles cluster around that appearance in history in Jesus and in the life of the apostles to vindicate his claim and their writings. Christianity is basically a life lived by looking back with confidence in the work of Christ and looking forward in hope, because of that past, to a consummation that’s coming.

  • Which is the best example of a miracle religion?

  • Hellenistic religion presents one of the best examples of a civilization in which miracles play a major part. The intervention of the gods in the affairs of the Homeric heroes takes place in a cosmos in which the divine and human spheres still interact.

  • Are there any miracles in the Bible that are natural?

  • This in itself was not miraculous; the striking part was that the very first fish pulled out by Peter after Jesus’ instruction should be the right kind with the right coin in its mouth. Despite possible ‘natural’ causes for some events, there are many biblical miracles where there can be no natural explanation.

  • What did the Miracles of Jesus show us?

  • The miracles showed that Jesus had the power to heal sick people and even to bring dead people back to life. These miracles all happened in different ways – Jesus didn’t follow a formula.