why did christiana leave dd4l

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Why did Christina leave dd4l? “Her mom wasn’t in jail, she was the one driving Crystianna to practice and at all the competitions too,” one fan explained amid rumors that Valisa was behind bars. “Her past record scared the producers from letting her on the show. She had to threaten to pull Crystianna for them to put her on this season.”

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  • Why did Crystianna leave the Dancing Dolls in 2017?

  • ‘Bring It!’ Fans Think Crystianna Didn’t Really Leave the Dancing Dolls In 2017, Crystianna Summers and her aunt, Rittany, were at the center of all the drama on Bring It! after the duo decided to cut ties with dance pro Dianna Williams and the Dancing Dolls to join a rival team.

  • Why did rittany leave the Dollhouse Season 4?

  • At the end of Season 4, fans will remember that Rittany made the decision to have her niece Crystianna Summers leave the Dollhouse in order to pursue more solo dance opportunities. However, that exit was short-lived and Coach D recently took Crystianna off probation.

  • Who is Crystianna from bring it you better bring it?

  • 2 During Bring It! You Better Bring It! Crystianna Summers is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is a former co-Captain of the Dancing Dolls alongside Makya Griffin in Season 5. Her mother is Valisa Summers and her aunt is Rittany Anderson .

  • Why was Crystianna late to practice in bring it?

  • During Bring It! In Bucking In Bama, Crystianna shows up late to practice because she was at cheerleading. Later on, we see Rittany and her mother, Valisa, in the stands during one of her performances with her cheerleading squad.