why did christianity spread

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  • What factors helped spread Christianity?

  • The major starting factor to the spread of Christianity was Constantine. He made Christianity the religion of Rome and built Constantinople, the new Christian capitol of the eastern Roman Empire. Christianity did not have very easy though. They were widely persecuted, and most everyone had contempt for them.

  • Why did Christianity spread so rapidly in the Roman Empire?

  • The spread of the religion was rapid and was due to many factors. Christianity spread due to its universality, its familiarity to the Roman people, and the fact that it gave people hope. Christianity gave something to the people of the Roman Empire that they had never experienced before.

  • How is Christianity really started?

  • Though most of the historical record for the start of the Christian faith is recorded in the New Testament accounts, the history of Christianity actually began with prophecy in the Old Testament. There are over 300 prophecies (predictions) that span over a period of 1000 years that are recorded in the Old Testament concerning the coming of a Jewish Messiah.

  • Why was Christianity able to spread?

  • Christianity spread because it was attractive. It provided an alternative to the polytheistic status quo, and it’s always nice to feel you’re on the cutting edge. The new idea is always the better…