why did christians go on pilgrimages

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5 Compelling Reasons to PilgrimagePope St. John Paul II: Pilgrimage Helps Us Remember Our Roots. …St. Therese of Lisieux: In Pilgrimage, We Touch the Sacred. …In Tradition and Scripture: A Way of Prayer and Devotion. …Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI: An Opportunity to Encounter God. …A Priest’s Outlook: It’s Not Only for Pilgrims. …

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  • What is the history of pilgrimage in Christianity?

  • Christian Pilgrimage Christianity has a strong tradition of pilgrimages, both to sites relevant to the New Testament narrative (especially in the Holy Land) and to sites associated with later saints or miracles. The first pilgrimages were made to sites connected with the ministry of Jesus.

  • Why do people want to go on pilgrimage?

  • A common reason was the echoes it gave of the journey of Christ and his short stay on earth. The pilgrim was reminded of the journey of the Israelites out of Egypt and of their own stay here as ‘strangers and foreigners.’ The destination of the pilgrimage was also important.

  • Where are the pilgrimage sites in the Bible?

  • These places could be the grave of a saint, somewhere Jesus visited or that was written about in the Bible. Other possible pilgrimage sites include places where miracles are said to have occurred. Two of the most visited Christian pilgrimage sites are in the Holy Lands in present day Israel and Palestine.

  • Where did people go on pilgrimage in medieval Europe?

  • Pilgrimage in Medieval Europe. The city of Rome became another major destination for pilgrims. Easier of access for European pilgrims than the Holy Land, Rome had also been the home of many saintly martyrs, including the apostles Peter and Paul, and the places where they were buried attracted pious travelers from a very early date.