why do christians celebrate

What happened before Nero wrote the Annales?

Evidently two developments had taken place prior to his writing the Annales: 1 Nero had somehow come to be connected with the Christians; 2 Christians were linked to those who were punished after the Great Fire.

Why did Nero attack the Christians?

The reason for Nero attacking the Christians (including the deaths of Peter and Paul), according to Lactantius, was the same as we read of in Pliny’s correspondence: the pagan cults were being abandoned because of the success of Christian preaching. It is hard to believe that Lactantius was wholly unaware of Tacitus.

What was the first Christian execution?

They were the first executions of Christians performed at the behest of the Roman state.

How many districts were burned in Rome?

Of Rome’s fourteen districts only four remained untouched. Three were burned to the ground. The few remnants of houses in the other seven were reduced to stripped and half-burned ruins. Just to count the grand houses, the apartment blocks, and the temples that had been destroyed would be very difficult.

Where did Peter die in the Bible?

For all we know from the available evidence Peter died in the 50s, in Jerusalem, peacefully in his sleep.

Who was the first state-driven persecution of Christians?

Shaw: A conventional certainty is that the first state-driven persecution of Christians happened in the reign of Nero and that it involved the deaths of Peter and Paul, and the mass execution of Christians in the aftermath of the great fire …

Was Peter crucified upside down?

So much for the late legend of Peter being crucified, let alone crucified upside down. The late tales of the martyrdoms of Peter and Paul appear to have been expressions of what second century Christians wanted to believe.

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