why do christians celebrate christmas and easter

What did Vladimir do during his rule?

Vladimir spent the next decade expanding his holdings, bolstering his military might, and establishing stronger borders against outside invasions. He also remained a practicing pagan during these first years of his rule.

What was the first stone church built in Kiev?

He built the first stone church in Kiev in 989, called the Church of the Tithes.

What did the envoys that came back from Constantinople report?

According to the limited documentation from the time, the envoys that came back from Constantinople reported that the festivities and the presence of God in the Christian Orthodox faith were more beautiful than anything they had ever seen, convincing Vladimir of his future religion.

What was the name of the river where the Ukrainians were baptized?

He also sent out a message to all residents of Kiev, both rich and poor, to appear at the Dnieper River the following day. The next day the residents of Kiev who appeared were baptized in the river while Orthodox priests prayed. This event became known as the Baptism of Kiev. Monument of Saint Vladimir in Kiev.

When did the Church of the Tithes collapse?

17th-century Church of the Tithes. The original stone Church of the Tithes collapsed from fire and sacking in the 12th century. However, two later versions were erected and destroyed in the 17th and 19th centuries. He returned to Kiev with his bride in 988 and proceeded to destroy all pagan temples and monuments.

Where is the statue of Saint Vladimir?

Monument of Saint Vladimir in Kiev. This statue sits close to the site of the original Baptism of Kiev. Pagan uprisings continued throughout Kievan Rus’ for at least another century. Many local populations violently rejected the new religion and a particularly brutal uprising occurred in Novgorod in 1071.

Where did Vladimir I flee?

Vladimir was forced to flee to Scandinavia in 976 after Yaropolk murdered their brother Oleg and violently took control of Rus’. Vladimir I. A Christian representation of Vladimir I, who was the first Rus’ leader to officially bring Christianity to the region. Vladimir fled to his kinsman Haakon Sigurdsson, who ruled Norway at the time.

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