why do christians disagree with abortion

When did Vladimir convert to Orthodoxy?

So Vladimir converted to Orthodoxy himself in 988 and decided to baptize his country to this confession.

Who was the first ruler of Rus?

They would have never tried to change their ancient faith if it hadn’t been for the influence of the elites. Princess Olga (920 – 969) was the first ruler of Rus who was baptized in Orthodox Christianity in Byzantium in the 950s but only her grandchild Vladimir (960 – 1015) decided to baptize the whole country.

When did the Bolsheviks try to turn Russia into an atheist state?

Only when the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917 and tried to turn Russia into an Atheist state, was religion banned and the clergy destroyed (at least, at the beginning of their rule). Then the policy became less hostile, but praying and visiting church remained frowned upon in the USSR until the late 1980s.

Is Russia Orthodox?

Since the Middle Ages, Russia is covered with Orthodox churches and they seem to be here to stay. Natalya Nosova. The vast majority of Russians identify as Orthodox Christians, loyal to the religion that came here more than thousand years ago. However, many Russians see their Christian identity as quite symbolic.

Who invited the priests of different confessions?

According to the Tale of Past Years, a Russian medieval chronicle, Vladimir, eager to examine all possible options, invited priests of different confessions: a Byzantine Orthodox, a Catholic from the Holy Roman Empire, a Muslim from Volga Bulgaria and a Khazar rabbi.

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