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What series has Josh from Deadliest Catch been in?

Other than “Deadliest Catch”, Josh has appeared in several spin-offs from the franchise, including series such as “Inside The Catch” and “The Bait”, and in more than a handful of special episodes as well.

When will Casey and the New Cornelia Marie air?

It just happened that Josh and his associate Casey McManus, decided to make several upgrades to the vessel in 2019, which turned out so well that its revamping was even featured during the special episode “Casey and The New Cornelia Marie”, which aired in early 2020.

What episode did Josh and Jake confront Ray?

Although both Josh and Jake confronted Ray later on during an “After The Catch” episode, and expressed how his judgement had been misplaced, it seemed that it was already too late. After that, it took a while for Josh to recover the audience’s trust, though the incident is still remembered by many.

Is Josh still in the Cornelia Marie?

Before you worry about this, it’s important to point out that Josh is still involved with the Cornelia Marie. The thing is that in 2021, he was offered the Co-Captain seat of the Time Bandit by its Captain John Hillstrand.

When did Josh Harris start his career?

Career On TV. Josh Harris’ debut on TV dates back to 2007, when he appeared in “Deadliest Catch”s episode entitled “A Tragic Beginning”, starting what would become a very stable career as a reality TV star.

When did Phil and Josh get married?

However, what happened during those years regarding their personal lives isn’t really known, except that in 1992 Phil married Theresa, but that relationship also ended in divorce by 2006.

Is Josh still on Deadliest Catch?

Not only that, Josh is still an active cast member of “Deadliest Catch”, and even better, in early 2021 he was even cast as the main star spot in the Discovery spin-off series “ Bloodline “, which follows him and the entire Cornelia Marie’s staff into a seemingly unrelenting search of Phil Harris’ fishing guides of Hawaii.

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