why do we believe what we believe christianity

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  • What are the main beliefs of Christianity?

  • Main Beliefs of Christianity. The central belief of Christianity is that by faith in the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus, individuals are saved from death – both spiritual and physical – by redemption from their sins (i.e. faults, misdeeds, disobedience, rebellion against God).

  • Why I became a Christian?

  • Perhaps the most important reason for becoming a Christian would be so that you escape the righteous judgment of God and spend eternity with Him. This can only be accomplished by trusting in the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Without Jesus, no one would ever have any hope of entering into the presence of God.

  • Why do people still believe in God?

  • 7 Reasons People Believe in GodIndoctrination into Religion. …Indoctrination into Anti-Atheist Bigotry. …Peer and Family Pressure. …Fear of Death. …Wishful Thinking. …Fear of Freedom and Responsibility. …Lack of Basic Skills in Logic and Reasoning. …

  • What are some reasons to believe in God?

  • Here are six straightforward reasons to believe that God is really there.The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today. …Is God real? The universe had a start – what caused it? …Evidence for God: The universe operates by uniform laws of nature. …A Divine Programmer: The DNA code informs, programs a cell’s behavior. …More items…