why fellowship is important for christians

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  • What is Fellowship in Bible?

  • Holman Bible Dictionary. Fellowship. The bond of common purpose and devotion that binds Christians together and to Christ. “Fellowship” is the English translation of words from the Hebrew stem hbr and the Greek stem koin -.

  • What is fellowship with God?

  • Fellowship with God means Spiritual Communion. First, when we have fellowship with Father, we have fellowship with the Son, the apostles and all others who follow God. When we have fellowship with God we should never feel alone, because we share in spiritual communion with past and present believers (1 John 1:3,7).

  • What is Biblical fellowship?

  • Biblical Fellowship is a Family relationship: You become a part of the Family of God on Earth. I hope all of us see ourselves as a family. When we joined this church we joined this family. Our home is in heaven. Thus as strangers here in the world, we are out numbered, and different from the world, being believers,…

  • What is church fellowship?

  • Church fellowship is a term that has been used to designate both a status and an activity. Both usages lie very close together, and one flows out of the other. The two usages follow the general dogmatic distinction of actu primo et actu secundo.