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Jesus Christ
A: The difference between the religions you’ve been studying and Christianity can be summarized in two words:Jesus Christ. He is the center and foundation of the Christian faith,and He also is the reason why Christianity is different from all the other religions that people follow.

How is Christianity different than all the other religions?

How is Christianity Different than All the other Religions?There are only two religions in the world,Christianity and everything else. I know what you’re thinking,what an incredibly arrogant statement. …Christianity splits the calendar in two. Christianity was so influential in it’s early years that it literally split the calendar in two,from B.C. …Jesus Christ’s name is used as a curse word. …More items…

How does Christianity compare to other religions?

You see, in every other religion, the work and the responsibility is on you. But Christianity is the only religion where God is the One who does the work to qualify man to enter into heaven. Now of course, God’s standard is perfection and God realizes that no person can live a perfect life. No one can do everything right all of the time.

Is Christianity the one true religion?

Yes, Christianity is the one true religion. That may sound awfully dogmatic and narrow-minded, but the simple truth is that Christianity is the only true religion. Jesus said that He alone was the way to the Father (John 14:6)–that He alone revealed the Father (Matt. 11:27; Luke 10:22). Christians do not go around saying Christianity is the …

Why is Christianity the most popular religion in the world?

Christianity won over Paul,who had the very definition of a missionary zeal. …Christianity emerged into an empire with a superb road network. This is what enabled missionaries to set up churches throughout the empire. …In the poly

What did Jesus say about the clouds?

He said that He would sit at the right hand of the Mighty One and come on the clouds of heaven and they said He was blaspheming and they condemned Him to death (Mark 14:61-64). I mentioned that these are just a few of many examples and that Jesus did not leave it open to debate who He is.

What is the first thing that came to mind and out of my mouth?

1. The Resurrection. The first thing that came to mind and out of my mouth was "the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.". I mentioned to him that there is historical documentation, from both Biblical and non-biblical sources¹, that we can look to as evidence for the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

What would Jesus say about a man who is merely a man?

A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic — on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg — or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice.

What does each faith say about Jesus?

For example what each faith says about Jesus is radically different. In particular, Muslims believe Je sus to be a prophet but not God incarnate. Whereas Christians believe that Jesus is not only a prophet but the Son of the Living God. Muslims do not believe in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead whereas these are …

Did Jesus claim to be God?

Some people will say that Jesus never claimed to be God that is only something that others have made up. I mentioned to him that Jesus did not come to a culture of people that were ignorant about God. He came to the Jewish people who were God’s chosen people and monotheistic (one God) in their beliefs.

Did the apostles die for preaching Christ?

Persecution and death for preaching Christ was true not only for the 12 apostles but for those who received their teaching. It is difficult to believe that these people would willingly die for Jesus Christ if they knew and believed it was a lie. The martyrdom of thousands of these Christians was based on the fact that they believed the truth of the statements in the Gospels about Jesus and were willing to die as martyrs rather than deny their faith in Him. In the face of Jewish and Roman opposition and persecution, Christianity had spread all throughout the Roman Empire in 300 short years and it has not stopped. I also mentioned that if the Romans and Jews had known where the body of Jesus was all they had to do was wheel it down the street on a cart and Christianity would have died in its inception.

Does God forgive sins?

In light of this universal human predicament, God has made a way for us to be forgiven of our sins and reconciled to God. In His love, God sent His Son to die for our sins and whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life (John 3; 16). As I was sharing these points he was nodding his head in agreement.

What does Christianity say about salvation?

But Christianity says, “What needs to happen in order for you to know God and receive salvation has already been done for you by Jesus Christ.”.

What is the difference between Christianity and other religions?

The primary difference between Christianity and all other religions is rooted in the differences between Jesus and other religious leaders.

What is the joy of Christianity?

At its core, Christianity is the joyful news that Jesus lived and died to open the way to God for each of us. In this act, Jesus saved us from the consequence of our sins—eternal isolation from God—and began to offer us instead forgiveness and eternal life in relationship with God.

What is the Gospel?

The Gospel. The personal claims of Jesus and the espoused implications of his life, death, and resurrection stand in distinct contrast to other religions. This is what Christians through the years have called the gospel—which literally means “good news.”.

What did Jesus say about God?

2 To see him, Jesus said, is to see God the Father. 3 Jesus went about forgiving sins 4 —something only God could do—performing miracles, 5 and healing the sick. 6.

What is the meaning of salvation?

Salvation, as taught by many of the world’s religions, is a type of deliverance from the physical and spiritual adversity of the world, as well as a rescuing from suffering or punishment in the afterlife.

How do Hindus achieve Moksha?

Hindus believe that one reaches Moksha—freedom from this world and the cycle of death and reincarnation—by practicing self-sacrifice, meditation, and certain levels of self-realization.

Why did God send Jesus to die?

God didn’t wait for us to get things right before He sent His Son to die. In fact, God sent his Son because He knew we could never get things right apart from Jesus! 2. Other religions have systems of rules to appease their god. Christianity is a relationship with God.

What do religions call laws?

Some religions call them laws or pillars. These are things that you do in hopes of getting into heaven. Psalm 145:18-19 tells us, “The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them.”.

What religion teaches us to earn our way to God?

1. Every other religion teaches us to earn our way to God. Christianity is the only religion that teaches that God came to us. Romans 5:8 says, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”. Jesus died for us before we did a thing for Him.

What does everyone put their faith in?

Everyone puts their faith in something. Some people put their faith in scientific theories. Others put their faith in family, politics, careers, or celebrity.

Does any religion have an empty tomb?

No other religion has an empty tomb. We’re the only people who follow a leader who died and came back to life. Every other major religious leader is dead. People have been looking for Jesus’ body for thousands of years, and they still haven’t found Him!


After we die we have to face what is called “the law of sin and death” (see Romans 8:2 ). Most people know that Law as “The Ten Commandments.” So let’s look at that Law and see how you will do when you face it on Judgment Day.


So that is God’s moral Law that we each will face. We will be without excuse when we stand before God because He gave us our conscience to know right from wrong. Each time we lie, steal, commit adultery, murder, and so on, we know that it’s wrong. So here is the crucial question.


How do you feel toward the man who murdered that helpless little girl in such an unspeakably cruel way? Are you angered? We hope so. We hope you are outraged. If you were completely indifferent to her fate, it would reveal something horrible about your character.


Many people believe that because God is good, He will forgive everyone, and let all sinners into heaven. But they misunderstand His goodness. When Moses once asked to see God’s glory, God told him that he couldn’t see Him and live. Moses would instantly die if he looked upon God. Consider this:


To illustrate this more clearly, let’s go back to that plane for a moment. You are standing on the edge of a 10,000-foot drop. You have to jump. Your heart is thumping in your chest. Why? Because of fear. You know that the law of gravity will kill you when you jump.


To receive the gift of eternal life, you must repent of your sins (turn from them), and put on the Lord Jesus Christ as you would put on a parachute— trusting in Him alone for your salvation. That means you forsake your own good works as a means of trying to please God (trying to bribe Him), and trust only in what Jesus has done for you.

What do both religions believe?

Both religions believe in God, and that He is who He says He is: omnipotent, omniscient, loving, just, and merciful. Both faiths also posit that God is the creator and sustainer of the universe. In addition, Judaism and Christianity share the same Scriptures with the exclusion of the New Testament, which Jews reject.

What do followers of Judaism believe?

In addition, followers of Judaism do not believe that the promised Messiah will come to save the world from the burden of sin. Instead, they believe that the Messiah will be a man sent by God to restore the nation of Israel and bring peace to the world. This was, in fact, what the Jews in Jesus’ day expected of Jesus.

Why did Jesus become man?

Christians believe that Jesus is one with God ( John 1:1 ), and became man in order to restore the rift in God and man’s relationship that occur red as a result of the fall ( John 1:14 ).

Is Jesus the Messiah?

Whereas Christianity claims that Jesus Christ is Messiah, those who follow Judaism do not think that Jesus was the One God sent to redeem His people . However, they do trust in God’s promise to send the Messiah.

Was Jesus a prophet?

Today, many Jews do acknowledge that Jesus was a great teacher and maybe even a prophet. But they hold to the belief that Jesus was nothing but a man , and certainly was not God Himself. Christianity’s foundation is built upon the personhood, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Did all Jews reject Jesus?

It’s important to note that not all Jews reject the truth of Jesus. There are many Jews who put their faith in Christ—the "Messianic Jews." In fact, the apostle Paul himself was a devout Jew who persecuted those who preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. But after a vision of Jesus, He became a Christian and preached the crucifixion and resurrection to thousands of people, Jews and Gentiles alike.

Does Judaism believe in the New Testament?

In spite of the fact that Judaism does not accept the New Testament as God-inspired Scripture, there are many references to Jesus Christ in the Old Testament and a number of prophecies that He personally fulfilled. Isaiah 53, also called "The Suffering Servant," is a perfect description of the person of Jesus as well as His trials and crucifixion.

What does Islam mean by "submission"?

More important than loving God—or even knowing Him—is submitting to His will. The word Islam means “submission.”. According to Islam, God cannot be considered a “father” and He has no son. Allah does not love sinners (Surah 3:140).

What did Muhammed do to spread his religion?

Muhammed was well known for spreading his new religion by force. He commanded, “Fight and slay the Pagans wherever you find them” (Sura 9:5), and he specified the proper way to execute an unbeliever was to cut his throat (Sura 47:4).

What is the standard of judgment in Islam?

Islam teaches that the day of judgment will involve a person’s good and bad deeds being weighed in a balance—so the standard for judgment is one’s own actions (Surah 7:8-9; 21:47).

What does the Bible say about adding to God’s Word?

The Bible warns against adding to God’s Word ( Revelation 22:18 ); Christians reject the Qur’an as an attempted addition to God’s Word and as a document that contradicts the Bible in many ways. Islam and Christianity: Means of Salvation. Islam teaches a works-based salvation and in this way is similar to other man-made religions.

What was Jesus’ response to Jesus’ mocking?

On the cross, when Jesus was mocked by those nearby, His response was, “Father, forgive them” ( Luke 23:34 ). Islam and Christianity: Views of God. Islam teaches that Allah, or God, is the sovereign Creator and Ruler of all that is. Muslims emphasize God’s absolute unity, which will admit of no division, and God’s will.

What does it mean to be saved by grace?

If you will be saved, you must save yourself. Christianity teaches a grace-based salvation. A person is saved by the grace (the undeserved blessing) of God , through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ ( Ephesians 2:8–9; Romans 10:9–10 ).

How many chapters are there in the Qur’an?

The Qur’an, which is perfect and holy, is divided into 114 chapters called suras. In addition to the Qur’an, the Muslims have the Hadith, a collection of Muhammed’s sayings, opinions, and actions as reported by those close to him.

What created the New Testament writers?

The resurrection created the New Testament writers.

Why do we believe in Jesus?

Because an event occurred: the resurrection. You have to have more faith to believe it didn’t occur than it did. And if God exists, and He does, and can create the universe out of nothing, then He can certainly resurrect Jesus from the dead. That’s why we believe in Christianity.

Why do we believe in Christianity?

The reason we believe in Christianity is because an event occurred: the resurrection.

What does it mean when someone says "There is not truth"?

When somebody says, “There is not truth,” you outta ask that person a question.

Can Christianity be true?

Obviously, Christianity can’t be true if miracles are not possible, but the greatest miracle in the Bible has already occurred, and we have scientific evidence for it.

Did space matter and time have a beginning out of nothing?

Even atheists today are admitting that space, matter, and time had a beginning out of nothing. Well, think about this, friends. If space, matter, and time had a beginning out of nothing, whatever created space, matter, and time can’t be made of space, matter, and time.