why is sunday the sabbath in christianity

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  • Why do most Christians go to church on Sunday?

  • Usually there are different reasons why do Christians go to Church on Sunday. Fellowship is an important aspect of the church. It allows people to meet and enjoy the fellowship of people that do the same things and believe the same way that you do.

  • Why was the Sabbath day changed to Sunday?

  • Finally, some theologians argue that Jesus changed His Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday because that was the day He rose again from the dead. This is called the Lord’s Day. So whenever the verbiage Lord’s day is used, proponents suggest the apostles were referring to Sunday, the day Jesus rose from the dead.

  • Do Christians still keep the Sabbath holy?

  • The majority of Christians believe that the commandments of the Old Testament of the Bible aren’t binding anymore. Therefore, most of them also don’t care to much about the Sabbath. However, the Sabbath remains holy and important because God has commanded it.

  • Why did Christians observe Saturday as Sabbath?

  • In part, Eastern Christians continue to celebrate Saturday as Sabbath because of its role in the history of salvation: it was on a Saturday that Jesus rested in the cave tomb after the Passion. For this reason also, Saturday is a day for general commemoration of the departed, and special requiem hymns are often chanted on this day. Orthodox Christians make time to help the poor and needy as well on this day.