why is the resurrection important to christians

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  • Why is the ascension of Jesus so important to Christians?

  • Mathewson shares five ways the ascension of Jesus benefits us: It establishes Jesus as the reigning king over all powers in all ages. It gives us access to God’s throne for mercy and grace . It provides an Advocate on earth whose presence is limitless. It gives us the spoils of Christ’s victory– gifted leaders and spiritual gifts.

  • Why is the crucifixion important to Christians?

  • Explain why the crucifixion and resurrection are so important to a Christian. Christians believe that Jesus’ death on the cross was no ordinary death. They explain the importance of his death by comparing it to a sacrifice. Jews sacrificed animals to God as a sign that they were sorry for their sins, and they received forgiveness in return.

  • What evidence is there for the resurrection of Jesus?

  • Proof of the Resurrection #1: The Empty Tomb of Jesus . The empty tomb may be the strongest proof Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Two major theories have been advanced by unbelievers: someone stole Jesus’ body or the women and disciples went to the wrong tomb. The Jews and Romans had no motive to steal the body.

  • Why is the crusifiction so impartant to Chritians?

  • The crucifixion is important for Christians who believe that God sacrificed Jesus, his only son, to atone for the sins of humanity. For some Unitarian and Quaker Christians who not believe that Jesus was the son of God, the crucifixion is not of significance.